Depth RoRo

Our Team of Master Logisticians

Depth RoRo’s elite team comprises master logisticians with formal logistics, customs and supply chain qualifications. We have a great depth of experience spanning all modes of transport for roll on roll off cargo.

There is literally nothing we haven’t done in RoRo, heavy lift or project freight forwarding..

Our team’s 24/7 availability and client-centric attitude is fundamental to what discriminates us from others.

Building a great team and then keeping them great are two different matters. International logistics is fast moving, and new procedures and technologies are emerging constantly. We invest heavily in professional and personal development of our team and are committed to ensuring that in each and every position we have true leaders of our industry.

Qualifications are essential but nothing counts more than “hands on” experience. Our team by design, have diverse backgrounds in logistics for heavy industry and defence supply chains. Most have international experience and many possess a second language to make acting for you easier.

While our myCargo technology is outstanding, we believe wholeheartedly that personalised service and mutually beneficial relationships are the key to our ongoing success. Honesty is a core value of ours so we can always be relied upon to give straight forward, transparent and good quality advice.

We are passionate about delivering our promise of true excellence in roll on roll off shipping so our clients can relax knowing that their cargo is in the hands of people who genuinely care.

Our team has proudly become the choice of heavy industry and we are determined to keep building on our exemplary reputation one shipment at time.

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