Depth RoRo

Why RoRo?

Roll on Roll off shipping is the safest and most efficient means to transport driveable, towable and static cargo. This is because cargo is always stowed below deck to provide maximum protection from weather at sea and there is minimal lifting by cranes. RoRo cargo is loaded via stern ramps on the vessels, meaning it is driven or towed on and off the ship.

If the cargo is static, it can be loaded on rolltrailers which are able to be towed on board the RoRo vessel.

The decks in most modern RoRo ships are adjustable allowing for high cargo to be accommodated and safely stowed.

It is safer, simpler, often cheaper and faster than containerisation of cargo, which requires double handling and therefore the incidence of damage is higher. Out of gauge cargo weighing up to 505t can also be moved via roll on roll off vessels.

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