Depth RoRo

Auction Shipping

Nobody has more experience with shipping for industrial auctions than Depth RoRo. 

For more than 30 years our team has been shipping cargo to and from auctioneer’s yards all over the world.

We understand the term ‘As is, Where is’ for buyers and take care of all the necessary shipping arrangements.

Supporting buyers with shipping prices for bid formulation ahead of a sale is routine for us and we understand that you may not be successful at auction. Nonetheless you can rely on us to always respond promptly with competitive shipping pricing that you can use to formulate your bid prices.

The team at Depth RoRo are available 24 hours for any of your auction service enquiries. Alternatively, you can use our myCargo platform to generate quotes instantly.

Depth Logistics makes the transport elements of consigning or buying at auctions all over the world easy.

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