Depth RoRo


We are delivering fifth generation defence logistics capability via myCargo to our clients which is probably the most advanced defence supply chain logistics technology in the world today.

myCargo’s incredible logistics technology enables our clients to securely integrate their own IT platforms giving them excellent real time control and visibility of their supply chains. Alternatively clients can choose non-integrated access via a secure login.

Clients can easily obtain instant quotes, insure cargo, track shipments and vessels in real time and access other Depth Logistics services. Event monitoring capabilities can keep you informed of your cargo’s journey. 

myCargo can help you analyse and streamline your supply chain to increase reliability, velocity and reduce transportation costs.

myCargo is built with mobile device capability so remote access in the field is easy.

myCargo’s resources can support and complement any supply chain and operations on a global scale and improve responsiveness to any logistics challenge, large or small. 

Our “in house” IT development team can custom code applications to meet your specific needs and requirements. We have successfully automated numerous logistics tasks for our clients that have led to savings in time and money via myCargo.

Security of data is top priority so we have robust protocols combined with an audited technology control plan underpinning the myCargo platform. Importantly myCargo is our own proprietary IT platform so we know exactly who has access to it and the important information it contains. 

Without exception, all our competitors use commercially available software platforms that are on the grid of many other users and developers so they have little or no control as to who can access your sensitive data.

We are continually enhancing myCargo fifth generation capabilities so that we can integrate to more platform types and securely share and integrate data to make logistics interoperability a reality for more users.

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