Depth RoRo

Primrose Ace

Primrose Ace

Maximum Hatch/Deck Height (metres):  5.1

Maximum Ramp Capacity (weight in tonnes) :  100

Global RoRo Ship Fleet List

Depth RoRo utilises a global fleet of roll on roll off vessels to transport cargo.

With RoRo shipping the cargo size is limited to the safe working load or ramp capacity of the ship and the hatch or deck height. Most modern RoRo vessels have adjustable internal deck heights so the height declaration of the cargo is important to ensure it can fit through the hatch and also be stowed inside the vessel. The width of the cargo is also important however cargo is rarely too wide to fit through the hatch.

Internal Deck Heigh

We have created a searchable deep ocean RoRo vessel list with the ramp capacities and heights as a reference guide.

Please contact us for more specific information about any vessel or cargo you need to ship via RoRo.

Depth RoRo has made every effort to ensure the accuracy of the RoRo ship specifications in this reference guide.
There is no warranty provided, implied or otherwise, or liability accepted, should there be an errors or omission in this list

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